Winter Guitar Care

I though I'd post a few tips for you fellow musicians while I am snowed in! Harsh dry weather can be very hard on your guitar, but this should never keep you from playing all year around. Here are quick simple and easy tips for keeping your guitars healthy.

I can not stress the importance of humidifiers enough. Too low humidity can cause cracks to develop in the body of your guitar, as well as warping of the neck. If you keep your guitar its home, Music Nomad makes superb in-case humidifiers. If you prefer to keep your guitars displayed in the open, running a small household humidifier in your music room is an excellent. 

If you are not already oiling your fret-board, start! A neck that is too dry is prone to cracking. Because of the light wood inlay I have on my Taylor and preference to natural products, I use Dunlop Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil. If you want a oil that also cleans I recommend Gerlitz Guitar Honey. After you clean your frets, put a small dab on a cloth and work it into the wood. Be careful not to overuse, excess oil will sweat out, you don't want that. The wood should look dark but not wet.

Happy playing! 

Laura May